Nakheel Developments participates in ‘Hazi Misr’ exhibition in Dubai

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Nakheel Developments participates in ‘Hazi Misr’ exhibition in Dubai

8 December، 2021  |  

Nakheel Developments announced its participation at “Hazi Misr” Exhibition in Dubai, which will be held from 28 to 30 October at the Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. In the exhibition, Nakheel Developments will showcase the recent project “Double Two Tower” in the New Capital.

Head of Commercial Sector at Nakheel Developments Sherif El-Domyati said that the company has recently launched the “Double Two Tower” project in the New Capital, which contains Commercial units, Administrative units, and Hotel Apartments. Furthermore, It is located on 9,000 SQM. The commercial units are being developed on 45% of the total area of the project”.

El-Domyati expected that the total project investments worth approximately LE3b and it is planned to deliver the tower within three and a half years. He added that the company contracted early last month with several successful entities in different specialisations to develop the project, where the company co-operates with Mimar Egypt Architecture & Engineering, EFS Facilities Services, and Time Hotels to implement a unique project in the New Administrative Capital.

He further noted that Nakheel Developments is keen on choosing Administrative operators for all its hotel apartments based on distinguished experience, ability to make decisions, ability to lead, speed, effectiveness, and flexibility in decision-making.

Moreover, modern technology is one of the areas in which the company excelled.

He explained that the participation at “Hazi Misr” Exhibition is in sign with the state’s strategy to export properties and define the size of urban development implemented by Egypt in addition to the company’s plan to market its projects to customers abroad, either Egyptian expatriates or non-Egyptian clients.

Nakheel Developments presents a special offer on its project during the exhibition period, as the company offers discounts up to 20% for the “Double Two Tower” and 40% discount on cash, El-Domyati added”.

He pointed out that the company is offering units in the project that include fully furnished serviced apartments with an area starting from 57 SQM, and fully-finished units such as Commercial and Administrative with areas starting from 40 SQM.

The company aims to complete selling about 70% of the project in 2021, specifically with the prime location of the project in the New Capital and the distinction of success partners with whom the company co-operates to develop the project, he disclosed.

He emphasises that the company plans to develop the “Double Two Tower “project to include quality elements that achieve excellence for the project. It begins with a site and partners, in addition to payment systems.

Price competition is not the main element that companies rely on to reach their customers but integrates with other elements, the most important of which are quality, credibility and commitment, he concluded.



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